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2013-01-23, 01:19
Hello all, I just finished playing up until the translation ends in my chosen path... now i have to wait in agony ;). But i have a question about the translation...

For a start, i love the protagonist - the things he says, and how he says them, makes the game utterly hillarious.
This is something i wasn't expecting so much, as my first exposure to the Kanon world was through the anime which, though amusing and even laugh out loud funny at times, was never as consistently so. It also contained none of the dry wit Yuuichi seems to posess in the game.

Some things make me wonder if they are the same or simmilar in the original game, or were introduced by Haeleth himself, though :P

The thing that got me wondering, was how a lot of the humour as far as Yuuichi is concerned... well... feels decidedly British.
Things like the dry remarks about the girls that have me in giggles, or his sarcasm when interacting with them, and saying the things he does in a totally serious voice.
This kind of thing is by no means exclusively British, but they are things i would class as some of the hallmarks of everyday (not TV) British humour.

At the end of the day, i've been provided with [part of] a game that i enjoy a lot and love the characters within - so whether the translation is entirely accurate or not is fairly inconsequential. The game still has the mood i'm after, and it still makes me feel warm and fuzzy :)