View Full Version : Unpacked and decrypted KIRIKIRI's xp3 file but still running into problems

2013-01-01, 09:37
Standard tools didn't work so I had to sit on this for a day or two but eventually managed to extract files finally. Problem is that while files like *.ogg, *.wav are ok - extracted *.ks and *.tjs aren't. Well, not all of them.

So again I did some work and noticed that first five (:D) bytes in some tjs are the same excluding startup.tjs with another type of header and small number of unencrypted ones.

My question is - how do I approach this?

I've prepared some sample files for you to view.

2013-01-02, 22:44
You can find the files inside of RAM if you use a memory editor, but there's got to be a better way to get the files out.

2013-01-08, 17:58
one thing I can advice you to use xp3dumper...you can find it on hongfire

2013-01-08, 19:04
replace the first 5 bytes with FF FE
then swap every 2 BIT

2013-01-09, 03:02
then swap every 2 BIT

This can be done with:
byte e = readByte();
e = ((e&1)<<1)|((e&2)>>1)|((e&4)<<1)|((e&8)>>1)|((e&16)<<1)|((e&32)>>1)|((e&64)<<1)|((e&128)>>1);

2013-01-13, 23:00
Oh, someone actually replied.
I figured out a method already and wrote a tool for this. Shame that I didn't check this thread beforehand but still - thank you for you time.

2013-02-01, 15:51
I'm actually having problems with this format too. I managed to extract the scripts with various softwares (Crass, KiriKiri Tools, etc.), but all of them come with some horrible gibberish .ks text that isn't even in japanese, although command lines remain in english... and I don't know what to do now since even xp3dumper results in these text files too... help?