View Full Version : New Game - Soul Gambler, what is the price of your soul?

2012-12-21, 20:24

I work for a game company called m.gaia and we just released a visual novel called Soul Gambler (http://bit.ly/Yo3I7M) that I think people here are going to enjoy.
The game places the player on the role of Faust, a man who sees his life change after receive a proposal from a mysterious gypsy. The current version already have a preface and the Chapter 1, but to continue the story we created a Kickstarter (http://kck.st/TZW7WD) to get the founds to continue the game.

Let me know what you of the game, we love to hear feedback :)


2012-12-23, 04:27
Please keep in mind that this forum is focused on fan translations. If you're trying to generate support for your WVN / indie game, then you will benefit by using other websites and forums.

2012-12-23, 15:11
I know the focus here is more on translations, but I just thought people from this forum could enjoy the game as well.

I'm sorry about that, it won't repeat again.

2012-12-26, 23:47
No need to apologize, there's no rule against OELs. I think dorkatlarge simply means you probably won't get a lot of response here.

On the topic of your game, I didn't want to say this when you first posted because it's kind of negative, but you may benefit from it so: I think you seriously need a native English editor. Your first post, your website, and the game itself are littered with pretty severe grammatical errors. I would never pay for a story-based game that cannot get the story right, so I would probably never pay for your game, either. This is something you can fix by getting a native English editor of middle or high education level. Or an experienced grammar nazi from another language background, perhaps.

(Note: I didn't read the story itself, but please make sure your story is captivating and entertaining. Almost all OEL VNs, including my own, suffer from very bad storytelling and attempt to make up for it by using nice graphics and/or sounds.)