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2012-11-17, 23:17

Hi all!

This is the second attempt to translate “Toradora! Portable” into English. This is an infinite work-in-progress. It'll be done once it's done. Unlike most other translation projects this one is free (yes, like in freedom) — you're free to join, translate, check translations, edit them, grab our translations and make a patch. If you want it to be done faster then learn Japanese and join us (^^).

Current number of active translators: 1.

» http://toradora.minetest.ru/
» #toradora@irc.rizon.net
» email me: whatever[at]xyz[dot]is

http://t.minetest.ru/widgets/toradora-portable-287x66-grey-en.png (http://toradora.minetest.ru)

2012-11-20, 09:12
Just a quick bump. I've merged unofficial Chinese translation into the project so now guys with some Chinese knowledge may join as well ;) (note the new "tips" page)
^ this is outdated and no longer true.

2013-04-17, 15:27
Another bump to state that this translation is still not dead. Although no one is translating, it's pretty easy to fix, right?

I've also included sounds for all strings that have those in game (example (http://t.minetest.ru/projects/toradora-portable/_0020ess0/en/translate/?checksum=d7647c591836bd5815227799753eb29d)).

2013-10-27, 09:51
It's released now, grab your copy from http://toradora.xyz.is/