View Full Version : NScripter2 Hacking

2012-11-02, 15:08
Has anyone done anything with NScripter2 before? I'd like to get a touhou eroge ready for translation, but the hacking is somewhat troublesome. I'm able to display English text, but it's extremely cumbersome. NScripter2 has some support for English characters, but no word wrapping, and "English text mode" suppresses control characters such as @, \, and $.

The approach I'm using is to pass the line into an LUA function to apply wordwrapping, then display the parsed line. Examples:

parse 1,"I am Remilia Scarlet."


parse 3,"I'm ",$myname,"."

Both of these are calling a LUA function to concatenate the arguments and apply wordwrapping, then save the output to $eng_line. Just putting in English text gives syntax errors, prefixing each line with a > displays the English correctly but suppresses the control characters.

So has anyone ever worked with NScripter2 and found a decent way to add translations? I'm fairly certain it can't simply be ported to ONScripter, as last I heard ONScripter didn't support supplemental LUA scripts.