View Full Version : Holiday Hijinks: House on Haunted Hill

2012-10-28, 21:30
Come one, come all, to the greatest Haunted House ever!


Well, maybe not so much.


Nick and the gang have gone an a tour through the world's worst House of Horrors-- praying the whole way that they can get their money back. At the end, they find the single best special effect in the place...


Meanwhile, on the other side of somewhere...

Erin and Jack have come to investigate a house with a ghost infestation-- or at least that's what the townsfolk think. What perils await them in their quest for supernatural glory and profit?

Join us, as we follow along these two groups of innocent youngsters while they discover for themselves the hidden secrets of...

The House on Haunted Hill


For the benefit of our audience, we've uploaded and linked the downloads on our website, http://www.polymorphicgames.com Registration is NOT required, but if you want to register and hang out in the Forums for awhile, you're more than welcome to sign up. Links to this and all our other fine free games are on the left, under "Completed Games." Just click the one you like!

Download Links:

Windows: http://www.renaigames.com/files/hijinks/AllHallowsEve-1.0-win.zip
Mac: http://www.renaigames.com/files/hijinks/AllHallowsEve-1.0-mac.zip
Linux: http://www.renaigames.com/files/hijinks/AllHallowsEve-1.0-linux.tar.bz2

Notice: This game is made with all-new materials, and does not consist a choking hazard. We cannot accept responsibility for lack of a sense of humor, surprise installation of the same, milk/soda/booze in monitor/computer/keyboard, or death by uproarious laughter. You have been warned.

Disclaimer: No butlers or otherworldly creatures, intelligent or not, were harmed in the making of this entertainment. Except maybe that one guy. But he had it coming.

This game and its assets are copyright 2012 Polymorphic Games. Download at will, but do be kind and not reuse the assets. We worked very hard on those, and we might get... Cross.