View Full Version : (Little Buster) need a hacker for Vietnamese translation project

2012-09-23, 07:31
We're from Waya fansub. And we're planning to translate Little Buster from English into Vietnamese.
But we only have translators and image editors, no one know about hacking.
RLdev tool, we don't know to work with it.
So, we need a hacker can help us extract and repack the script file of game.

Sorry, my bad English.

2012-10-21, 09:59
Humm, if the problem is mainly hacking, I'd be liking to help you since I used a little of RLDev to at least extract and recompile the scripts.

Unfortunately, from what I've heard, LB!'s version of RealLive engine is different from Clannad's and previous Key games, and I particularly don't have that much experience on it... maybe Keima can help you too, if he's willing to.

2012-10-21, 10:39
Fuffy's build of RLDev (https://github.com/theappleman/rldev)takes care of the script encryption issue so as long as you know how to operate rldev you'll be fine. Read their (https://github.com/theappleman/lb-inst) documentation (http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=LB!:Technical_Notes) for (http://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/index.php?title=OCamlInstall) more (https://github.com/theappleman/rldev/blob/master/lib/game.cfg) info (https://github.com/theappleman/rldev/blob/master/CHANGES).