View Full Version : Where can I buy a digital copy of planetarian?

2012-09-18, 21:23
Exactly as the title of this thread says.. Do u guys know where?

I tried the http://planetarian.insani.org/ but it seems like the site doesn't have digital copy for sale anymore. And one of the barely working links suggested some kind of terms to search for which eventually led me here to this forum.

Er, one more thing if you guys don't mind, what was that site's name that used to have a banner on mangagamer's site? it was a site where i ordered my hard copy of da capo off.

Thanks for your time.

2012-09-23, 22:49
Welp, guess not, thanks for ur time.

2012-09-24, 09:50
I don't know where you can get Planetarian digital but you probably ordered Da Capo from Jlist.com .