View Full Version : Problem when making exe kirikiri files?

2012-07-14, 11:01
Hi everyone, i want to translate imouto ijime into vietnamese from patch eng of Muzukashii Nippongo Wakaranai (http://muzukashiinippongowakaranai.blogspot.com/). Because game's font doesn't support vietnamese, so i tried to extract imoizi.exe file and change font name in config.tjs file and HistoryLayer.tjs. But when i repack with krkrrel.exe, i have problem with path to krmovie.dll
Somebody can help me how to solve problem or tell me other way to fix problem, i'm very grateful

2012-07-15, 06:35
^ error script
go to VL box on vnsharing

and maybe, maybe
i can help you.

2012-07-15, 19:05
Thank you, i'll pm you in box VL^^!