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2012-07-10, 19:58
Sorry for my english xD

I have had as much free time, so I decided try translate
a game for my language (Portuguese ^^). The game I chose
is X-Change 2 (version English from Peach Princess ^^).
I know a little about translate games because of some
experiences I had translated some SNES ROMs in the past.
(Open ROM in some Hexadecimal Editor and change the text respecting the pointers. simple search and relative search, create tables, anyway, the basic ^^)

But, I never try translate a PC game '-'
I was taking a look in the directory of the game, there have 727 files.

Well, I try do a search in the google and find some tools that serves to extract and change some VN's...But anyone can extract text from this game --' (some can extract the bmp's and voices, but nothing about the subtitles of the game...)

Opening the xc2.exe, with a simple search in a hexadecimal editor, I found the text of menus to change, but nothing about the subtitles of the game. I try, randomly, open some (a lot!!) files and doing simple and relative search, but nothing of the subtitles. --'

I have some reasons to believe that subtitles is in file xc2.sce. I did some crazy tests (very crazy ^^)
removing files from the directory of the game, and, no one of the files (except xc2.sce, without him, no open the game '-') left the game without subtitles. But no find subtitles with simple search and relative search.

Well, I'm here because I wanna know if someone can help me ^^
Tools, techniques, tutorials, anything to help me unpack and repack
the text to translation xD

Here is the game (99MB):

Here is the file xc2.sce that I THINK (NOT SURE ^^) that subtitles is (2MB):

Thks anyway ^^
and sorry if I posted in the wrong place xD

2012-07-11, 14:14
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