View Full Version : Request - Kagura engine tools

2012-07-07, 07:49
Just a request if someone could make a tool to extract and repack the Kagura engine, more specifically the scripts for Lucky Dog 1.

I got a translator who is interested in the title + there's someone making a web translation here that I've just contacted: http://terracannon876.wordpress.com/translations/ld1-main/

I've uploaded the .exe file, the script file and a .dll file in the installation directory that I assume is engine related. If it helps too, crass is able to extract the scripts but they're encrypted.

These are what the scripts look like when extracted by crass:

Thanks in advance.

2012-07-07, 13:10
Since I can't edit, just posting an update.

The person doing the web translation for Lucky Dog 1 contacted me and pretty much told me Tennenouji don't want people doing patches for their games (they don't mind web translations but patches are too far). So please don't worry about the tools, like the Lucky Dog 1 translator I'm not gonna go against Tennenouji's wishes.

Thank you.