View Full Version : Help wanted for hacking Dracu-Riot

2012-04-06, 02:57
Dracu-Riot is a game recently released by Yuzusoft and runs on the KiriKiri2 engine. This game is currently the number one candidate for our next project by a very large margin—in fact, we have no idea what to translate instead should hacking fail.

According to the file headers (or whatever you call them) the scripts are .mdf files, which are quite possibly database files for Microsoft SQL. Although the company has used SQLite for some of their past games, we are highly sceptical that they'd use such an inflexible proprietary format.

We'd appreciate any help in script extraction/insertion. Here is what we believe to be one of the game's script files.


2012-04-06, 03:20
Uhm, I have never seen something like that so I can't help you. Since I don't have this game, I downloaded the patch v1.10, and noticed that I can't open it with any of the tools I have.
Anyways, this (http://asmodean.reverse.net/pages/expimg.html) could help you for the images.