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2012-03-24, 16:05
I translated around 10% (120 KB) of Pandora no Yume (http://vndb.org/v1203) in a couple weeks, but I haven't had much luck extracting its script. Pandora no Yume runs on Pajamas Soft's "PajamasSoft Adventure Engine". Crass does support this engine, and it can extract Pandora's archives (.dat files), but the script files it extracts seem to have gibberish code. The Japanese does display properly in the scripts, it's just the code that's the problem.

The script files are ".adv" files, but there are some .adv files that are just gibberish code without any Japanese text. The actual script can be found in title, PartA1, partA2, partA3, partB, partC, partD, partE, partF, and partG .adv files. I've uploaded the script files and some other files I found of interest, in case anyone wants to take a look at it.


Anyone interested in either editing, engineering, or TLC please e-mail at mheebeeearreee@gmail.com or post in this thread. Any help with the scripts would also be appreciated.

2012-03-25, 00:57
Basically it just binary
can be inserted using hex editor or
make a script dumper and inserter which can be done.
the problem is now that if this scripts found in the .dat archive
if that is the case you need a unpacker and packer.
if not then script dumper and inserter is what you need.
another thing, what format is the images?
if simple images like bmp,jpeg,png etc. no problem
but if not well this will be another thing you need for the hacker.

this is a old game so need to be properly analyse.

2012-03-25, 13:29
Thanks. The scripts were contained in a .dat archive along with all the images (CG, sprites, menus, etc.), sound effects, and some music. The images are all .bmp, but there are also some duplicate .anm files that have the same filename as the .bmp. For example, there's a "H205_b.anm" and "H205_b.bmp".

Also, here's 10 KB of the translated script just to show some of my work.

2012-03-25, 17:21
OK, so its on a dat archive.
you need a packer and unpacker afterall
can you give me a dat archive for checking.
I just found a PSoft engine reverse src.
need the archive for checking and stuff
and anm is animation command to do transistions and effects
so anm is no need..

2012-03-25, 19:56
Here's Archive.dat, which has the scripts/images/sounds in it.


2012-03-27, 19:05
wow nice! first time ive heard of this game but the premise sounds awesome~

i'll help you look for an editor

2012-03-28, 01:26
Awesome, thanks.

2012-03-30, 22:06
Now at or around 15 to 17% (160 KB) translated.