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2012-01-19, 09:25
Hi, this a request for japanese/english speakers to translate Galaxy Angel II Zettai Ryƍiki no Tobira (http://galaxyangel.wikia.com/wiki/Galaxy_Angel_II_Zettai_Ry%C5%8Diki_no_Tobira)

Precise info of just what I request here. (http://games.seiha.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=200)(on the opening post and the other posts I did there too if you wouln't mind reading them as well,anyway here it is if you're too lazy to check).

Now before you misunderstand the request and reply please let me clarify a few stuff, I am not asking for the game to be patched or anything complicated code-wise like that, I am just asking for a written translated script of the first GAII's script(in a text file/files like notepad or something) so I(and other potential guys who have the game but don't know japanese) can read it while playing the game(of course I'd rather the english text would be at the game itself but if it's too hard and/or requires too much time then just the script in a text file is enough).

oh,and it doesn't have to be aroduc, anyone who can speak english and japanese is more than good enough really,I know it sounds complicated, but if anyone here can translate the game could you please translate it and upload the script translation for us to download(if I am not the only one who wants this) and thanks in advance.(off topic: btw sorry for my inactivity)

Much appreciated if you accept the request, I will help as much as I can on the translation parts that need no Japanese knowledge.(providing save files for routes and past fights, etc...)

2012-01-19, 10:13
So basically you want someone to translate the entire game for you in a word document or something so you can read it while you play. Sorry, but I don't think anyone would waste their time doing such a thing.

2012-01-19, 11:21
Well, of course it's not just for me, fan translations are made for everyone,right? the first galaxy angel trilogy was translated by aroduc and that got a lot of good feedback because were able to play it while understanding it(same for other fan translations for other games of course), what I am requesting is the same kind of favor, minus all the complicated coding stuff.

2012-01-19, 13:24
how much are you paying

2012-01-19, 16:49
While we're at it, just in case you can speak English and Japanese but you don't like Galaxy Angel II, I'd like to go ahead and request the same thing for the following:
Lovely Idol
Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea
Aria the Origination

These are console games but I'm not asking for a patch or any complicated coding stuff. All you have to do is read the Japanese text that appears on the screen, and write it down in English.

2012-01-20, 01:03
how much are you paying

Fan translations are supposed to be free and voluntary right?, I think people would go through some legal trouble if they tried earning money through fan translations.(besides, I have no idea how to pay on the internet yet)

2012-01-20, 22:18
Fan translations are not "supposed" to be anything. If you want a game to be translated, the best options are to either start your own translation project or hire a professional translator. It's legal to translate something for personal use. It's just not legal to distribute that translation afterwards, without consent from the copyright holders.

Either way, good luck finding a translator. I wouldn't mind seeing more GA translated. Too bad the chances of you convincing anyone to do it are, well, next to none.

2012-01-21, 04:06
Well, there were a good number of fan translations that were distributed on the internet without any legal trouble, it'd be kinda selfish of me to ask for a translation just for only me.

well I am not that optimistic about my chances, but there's still probability that someone here speaks english and japanese and is willing to spend some of his free time to do it, not trying to "convince" anyone, just giving an open request.

2012-01-21, 22:35
You also need a good hacker to patch the game, not to mention this is a ps2 game.

2012-01-22, 01:57
He doesn't want a hacker, he just wants someone to translate the game's text onto a word document so he can read it while he plays. Talk about a desperate Galaxy Angel fan.

2012-01-22, 05:08
He doesn't want a hacker, he just wants someone to translate the game's text onto a word document so he can read it while he plays. Talk about a desperate Galaxy Angel fan.

I hate to admit it, but my request does seem kind of desperate doesn't it? <:(

Of course I would prefer the game to be hacked/patched, but right now I openly accept the easier type of translation, thought it would give me a better chance of having my request accepted.

2012-01-22, 10:50
go watch the GA2 anime it's wonderful