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2012-01-11, 06:14
-Hi everybody,to make things simple I'm trying to translate osadai's(http://vndb.org/v4981) fandisc which uses kirikiri, now the .xp3 files include .xp3.sig files.

-i extracted everything using xp3dumper's .tpm file, and managed to obtain the essential scenario .ks files

-I made my own patch.xp3 which translates a just few lines of "01_com_c1_001_01.ks" whis is the words in the very beginning to test it out, then i used kirikiri tools (krkrrel.exe) to pack it up as a patch.xp3 file.

-I added it to the game directory, i started the game and clicked start but for some reason an error regarding ansi to unicode appears:

ANSI 文字列を UNICODE 文字列に変換できません。現在のコードページで解釈できない文字が含まれてます。正しいデータが指定されているかを確認してください。データが破損している可能性もあります

-I sure that I correctly set my locale to japanese.

-I pretty much suspect that this issue also involves:
11eyes ~Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo~
Suiheisen Made Nani Mile
Concerto Note

-please help me!!! how can i make my patch.xp3 work for osadai fan disc, i really want to translate this game!

seems this thread also describes my problem:

2012-01-11, 07:45
If it's caused by what I think it's caused by, that issue involves every single Kirikiri game.

If you modify Kirikiri scripts, you have to make sure that either EVERY SINGLE SCRIPT is SJIS or EVERY SINGLE SCRIPT is UTF-8. All scripts have to be in the same encoding. If you have even a single script in a different encoding, everything screws up. This isn't just in the patch file, it needs to have the same encoding as the original data files as well.

2012-01-11, 10:34
I'd suggest that you go and pick another game since Jast apparently plans on licensing the FD and the original team from the Osadai release will probably work on it,

2012-01-15, 20:45
already fix it and send it to you on email.

2012-01-20, 06:37
many thank's to d_fallen_god for solving this problem!

2012-01-29, 11:12
If you have a solution to this problem, could you post it for others instead of sending by email? I'm having the exact same problem with another game

2012-02-01, 18:39
If you have even a single script in a different encoding, everything screws up.