View Full Version : Yume Miru Kusuri Scrip Extraction/decryption

2011-12-16, 18:17
Hello, I am trying to extract the script data from rio.arc in the Yume miru kusuri program folder, and have succeeded, but the files would seem to be encrypted, via circular decryption according to this thread(http://digital-haze.net/ch/vnds/kareha.pl/1246581569/) But I cannot discover how to decrypt it, I have tried crass and animeED as suggested in a thread asking the same thing on this forum to no avail. Perhaps I am doing it wrong, either way, I cannot get to the data.
Can anyone help?

2011-12-22, 19:52
This topic should help:

AnimED's Cyclic SHR 4 data conversion mode is able to decrypt the .wsc files, though you'll still need some other program to extract/reinsert the text since the decrypted files are not in plain text format either.

Edit: Here's some additional info on the subject, including the tools used for the Russian translation project of YMK: