View Full Version : Starting Project - [Eroquis!] Dirty Prison Ship

2011-11-17, 12:43
My translation group wants to pick up a VN and I ended up volunteering for the hacker role.

Here's some info on the game. Viewer discretion is advised...

Quick info: http://vndb.org/v7880

Here's how far I've gotten:
After the game is installed, in the folder, there are 3 game archive files, along with the .exe. I've joined the 3 game files (game.dat + game.001 + game.002) and from the joined file (~2.2GBs), I used ExtractData to extract all the audio (~2700 .ogg files: ~270MBs). This was the only thing ExtractData could find. Also inside this file, I've found tags like "layer" and "table". Another thing I've noted is, if I open the game incorrectly (no AppLoc), I can see in the title "LivePlayer". I have searched through the joined .dat file for the hex of the first line of the script in every encoding I could find (Unicode, ISO-2022-JP, Shift-JIS). I've applied all the related tools that Google could find and most of them do nothing for me (Crass,AnimED,etc.) . I've even tried decompiling the .exe to see if I could recognize anything (didn't work).

So, now I'm at an in-pass. Perhaps someone here has some insight on what engine this is or have a suggestion on what the next step should be?

Many thanks!