View Full Version : Shingakkou- Noli me Tangere-

2011-10-29, 15:02
Pil/Slash's newest game "Shingakkou- Noli me Tangere" has been out for a few months. (The official site (http://pilslash.jp/product/shingaku/))

I'm not looking to decompile and repack the game in English (since I'm new to programming), but I'd like to be able to extract the game script to do a read-along HTML file, instead of needing to replay the game to go through all of the routes.

(The exe, the bootup data file, the game text(?), system data, and a cg pack- I think the cg gallery thumbnails)

The game resources are encrypted .dat files, and I think the game might be running on the SHSystem, looking at Crass's list of supported engines. (Pil/Slash's other 2 games are listed under that header).

Crass extracted 5 different files from the text archive, but they're opening as gibberish. I've uploaded the game exe, the system data archive, and the text data archive. Can someone point me to a decoder for the encryption?

2011-11-05, 16:12
I talk with my hacker about this game. Soon i open translation project at aarinfantasy.com
Hacker already made tool for extract pictures from the game, i wait only tools for etracting the text.