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2011-10-05, 10:17
Hello, new member here.

I recently finished translating the trial for the game 神曲奏界ポリフォニカMemories White, and the result of my work can be downloaded here (MU and MF links) (http://twisting-giroro.livejournal.com/2289.html).

Even if the trial can be played from start to end in English, there are some things I don't know how to fix:

I couldn't find all the text for the option menu, so very little of it is translated
I had font problems and couldn't put all punctuations into English since some wouldn't appear in game
Main menu

Any help to fix these problems is really appreciated!

EDIT: after translating half trial for 神曲奏界ポリフォニカThe Black I discovered it crashes/loops forever while switching from ADV to NVL mode with the English text inserted. I'll hold on that and hope someone can help with that too...

2011-12-05, 16:49
The only help I can offer is that, in my experience, a lot of the text in RealLive option menus tend to be in image form, so you may need to mess around in the g00 folder.