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2011-05-16, 15:10
Well I used ExtractData on http://vndb.org/v6212 and got the scenario in .ks files. How do I change this into actual readable, alterable text files?

2011-05-16, 16:48
well, those are just kirikiri script files, which are plaintext. open them up in your favorite text editor and see if they work.

if you're getting a bunch of garbage instead, do the following:

check the \plugin\ directory of the game for a .tpm file. name can be anything, but the extension is .tpm
using crass, cli: crage -P "X:\path\to\game\archive_to_extract.xp3" -O tpm1="X:\path\to\game\plugin\tpmfile.tpm"

if it hangs, try tpm2 instead of tpm1. if that doesn't work give up because it's probably not worth the trouble

if it works, the extracted script files should no longer be a bunch of garbage text

some games (only himawari, maybe?) disguise the .tpm file as a .xp2 file as well, syntax is the same if this is the case. .tpm file may not be actually in the plugin directory too but i've never seen it elsewhere except in the case of it being an xp2

2011-05-16, 17:17
some games (only himawari, maybe?) disguise the .tpm file as a .xp2 file as well, syntax is the same if this is the case. .tpm file may not be actually in the plugin directory too but i've never seen it elsewhere except in the case of it being an xp2

well it can be any extension as long as its works as its original function...
since the tpm files are actually xp3dec.dll.

2011-05-16, 20:54
I'm so sorry. You've spelled it out for me but being the computer illiterate person that I am, you lost me. I found the file in the plugin folder, and have crass but don't know what crage -P "X:\path\to\game\archive_to_extract.xp3" -O tpm1="X:\path\to\game\plugin\tpmfile.tpm" all that means. Do I use crageGUI?

2011-05-16, 21:24
The GUI for Crage is a busted piece of shit (acknowledged in the documentation, actually), never try to use it for anything.

Run it with those arguments from the command line. If you don't know how to use a CLI (command line interface), Google it or something.

2011-05-16, 22:01
I inputted it as you stated above and keep getting syntax error. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v283/anime_kid714/Untitled-3.png

2011-05-16, 22:43
Oops, my bad. It's -p, not -P.

2011-05-17, 06:56
I got it to work but it still ended up as gibberish .ks files.

2011-05-17, 20:15
That means you'll need a hacker to crack it for you, I'm afraid.

2011-05-17, 22:46
too bad crass stopped updating long ago, certain games need parameters to be extracted properly

2011-05-18, 05:02
Damn, thanks Moogy and everyone else for the help and information.

2011-05-18, 08:38
I have a suggestion use xp3dumper.......it works on any kirikiri games....

2011-05-18, 13:41
And it works... thank you very much.

2011-05-18, 17:21
And it works... thank you very much.

No problem, as long I can help.

2011-05-20, 17:23
And as a side note, how would I go about replacing the Japanese scripts with my translated ones?

2011-05-20, 21:12
thats the hard part :-/ I trying to come up a solution to that problem....
making a simple patch.xp3 won't work for some games, so I suggest to just pack th whole thing with your translation to work.....

2011-09-30, 10:01
I'm going to revive this because the main scenario has been 80% translated and I'm wondering. How do I just pack the thing?

2011-10-03, 13:02
Nobody knows how? Can anybody help me with this please?

2011-10-03, 13:40
Have you already tried to create a patch.xp3 with all the files you translated?

2011-10-03, 14:11
How would I go about doing that?

2011-10-03, 14:39
On a TLwiki page you can see a list of common tools for VNs: http://tlwiki.tsukuru.info/index.php?title=Tools

Try those under the name KiriKiri2/KAG3. Probably, you should choose one among these two:

KiriKiri/KAG3 Embedded EXE Splitter & Merger command line tool by dsp2003: kirikiri_sm_2010_10_04.7z
Phiber's Kirikiri tool. File:Kikiriki.rar

If you can't pack the archive for some reason, upload your archive and paste a link in your post. I or someone else should quickly pack it for you. But there's a possibility that the game has some weird encryption and that could cause problems. Anyways, let's try to pack it first.

2011-10-03, 18:22
I reply your email.....

just go to the someone that I mention....

2011-10-22, 21:21
How much do you translate?

To get script use that tool: http://forums.desu.ru/topic/330-archive-extractor/

If you need a help in hacking, i can give you my russian hacker's e-mail. He can talk english too.

I like this game, it's cute. So i want to help you.

Sorry for my english, i'm from Russia. I translate VN too, but from jap. to russian.