View Full Version : Tekkoshocon VN Panel

2011-03-28, 12:14
Konnichi wa minna-san!

Rai here! Sorry for the short notice but if you're gonna be at Tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh, PA this week, my panel got approved!

Title: Visual Novels 101: More than Just Dating Sims and Porn
Time: Thursday Late Night/Friday Early Morning from 1:00A to 2:00A

Again, sorry for short notice, alot of things have been going on ^^;

Ja, ne

2011-03-29, 18:27
Would it be possible for you to film the panel and upload it to YouTube or the like? I live in Canada and won't be able to attend, but I really wish I could...

2011-03-29, 19:26
Same, I'd love to see it but I live a tad too far ^_^