View Full Version : KiriKiri Development Environment[English Version]

2011-03-20, 18:54
An English Version of Kirikiri Development Environment
Here is the link to try it out:http://www.mediafire.com/?hb16ti74f6p81yj


I'm still working on Kirikiri Development Environment.
*English Interface(translated)[if you manage to find errors pop-ups in japanese please email me]
*IntelliSense Translation(0% )
*TJS English Documentation(http://www.mysteryparfait.com/[Working on it])
*KAG3 English Docomention(http://www.mysteryparfait.com/[Working on it])
*Project Templates(Kirikiri Templates)
*Kirikiri English Version(with Kirikiri Tools English Version of Bluefire101)

It also has IntelliSense feature if you use a Project Template :D
which is a very convenient thing....

this is a great alternative to Onslaught for beginners...

For question about this Email me:d.fallen.god@gmail.com