View Full Version : New to VN scene, looking for advice

Dark Templar
2011-03-07, 11:11
So yeah me and some friends got together seeing how we all love vn and decided we'd try and translate one ourselves.

basically I thought I'd try and be the hacker since I have the most computer skills out of our group but frankly I'm not sure I'm doing it right.

This is the game in question: http://tlwiki.tsukuru.info/index.php?title=Hime_Kami_Ni_Bun_no_Ichi

According to Hongfire the script is open and editable (I can change the text with a hex editor no problem) but I want to know if I can actually extract the text data so I don't have to replace the characters one by one (so that we can fit actual sentences). I've done some reading around but I can't find any info on vn that use files with numbered extensions (in this case .01 .02 .03 etc). The script is located in data.04 (we uploaded it on the site).

I'd really appreciate some advice for a beginner entering the scene, we have a lot of vn we'd like o translate and we're pretty serious about it. Thanks in advance.

2011-03-07, 15:32
Hrm, specifically for hacking, there's a number of people on the forums that are knowledgeable. Besides here, and there's a few people in #denpa @ irc.synirc.org who have experience with various aspects of that sort of thing.

The rest of your team is welcome too since we've got translators, QA, release engineers and other people with project experience just hanging around.

Conversation varies between actual technical stuff, to the latest new eroge someone is playing, to random conversation, so just ask around until you get directed to someone who knows the specifics to whatever you want answers to.