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2011-03-06, 04:01
So I have this game that has all it's images stored in transparency-enabled bmps and I wanted to transpose them to png (and tried to look through the scripts of the game to see if I can change the extensions -- found nothing so far), but after I repacked the game, it failed to load (gave an ANSI/UNICODE error even tho I have the japanese locale set: スクリプトで例外が発生しました
ANSI 文字列を UNICODE 文字列に変換できません。現在のコードページで解釈できない文字が含まれてます。正しいデータが指定されているかを確認してください。データが破損している可能性もあります )
Is there anything I should do for this to work? (perhaps upload the game's files)
Also, I want to do this because of two reasons:
1. Is that I can't edit those bmps without losing the transparency layer
2. The game runs quite sluggish jerky, and makes it look like it was made in a sloppy way.

2011-03-06, 05:33
try to extract all the xp3s then repack it again and remove all the signature files (.sig)

2011-03-06, 05:38
I don't think you've read what I said properly, also there aren't any .sig files the game's extracted files.