View Full Version : help with klein script

2011-02-15, 20:01
I just curious about this script of 汚された夏 -10本の手で嬲られた少女- from KLEIN.
I already extracted most of its game file but I can't found the script file which in form of ARC file (I found it have header of EntisGLS file). The rest of file that I supspect as a script file is a file with *.sx extension.
As far as I know, entisGLS's script have *.csx for its script's extension. and I can't found any information of this *.sx file. FYI, there are some file that I thought linked with sx file, as *.ind and *.dll with same filename (and those file name is same as its game exe).
Can someone help me find the script file of this game?
Thank You.