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2011-01-20, 09:41
Sorry (again) for starting a new thread on every issue, but I think this keeps things clean ^^;

In this thread (http://forums.novelnews.net/showthread.php?t=35935) I asked help for an encrypted KiriKiri game, I now finally managed to extract it's contents and took a look into it.

It has 3 unusual folders: "export_image" (into which there are about 8600 shredded .tlg images); "export_shred" (which has around 570 .ks scripts) and "export_slit" (which again has 8000+ shredded .tlg images).

Now, I'm asking here for a sane automatic method to un-shred those files (and modify the game's scripts as well); because I'm not sure I would have all the time in the world to export all those files to bmp, join the shreddings by each file, and save it back to .tlg or .png ^^;

Roger Pepitone
2011-02-02, 19:14
What exactly is a "shredded" image?

2011-02-03, 00:00
Those 8000+ .tlg images in the two folders mentioned above, which are actually shredded images.
What I mean by that you ask, well it's the simple fact that each one of the set images in the game are cut into many 10x600px pieces (each one of those pieces being one tlg image), for what reason I don't know... perhaps copyright or something. And because of this "shredding", it makes it hard to eventually translate the text that might be encapsulated in those images, so I was asking above for a method to automatically join those files, or at least to batch-convert them to .png.

Roger Pepitone
2011-02-03, 07:32
Learn to program, or get a programmer to join your team.

I can't say anything more than that without more information about the problem.

2011-02-03, 07:40
What kind of more information do you need then?

Roger Pepitone
2011-02-04, 11:10
Well, I'd need to know exactly what is involved in manually unshredding an image.
A few sample images (before and, if available, after) would also help.

2011-02-07, 06:56
Thanks for the reply, and sorry for my late one, been terribly busy lately.
So, I've compiled an example so it could answer your questions, you can get it here (http://baranioi.co.cc/Projects/HCBD/example.7z).
There are two folders there, one contains the original .tlg files, and the other one contains the converted images (which I've done so with Susie -- a tlg tool for KiriKiri).
At the root you'll see two png images, those are actually the joined shredded images, which I joined in Photoshop(by adding one below the other). I've also included a .ks script that seems to call those shredded files, maybe you could take a look at that too (since they will probably need to be updated after the image conversion and joining).

Hope this is clear enough ^^;

2011-03-01, 03:21
*bump* Anyone?