View Full Version : Questions about the FamousWriter engine

2011-01-13, 06:38
Is there any way to crack open a game that was written in this engine/framework? I've tried so far to hex edit it and look for either raw text data and looked up for japanese words in their hex representation, but had no luck so far. I then went to look out on the engine's site to look out for information about it (tried with Chrome's built-in translator... I must say I had quite a hard time understanding some phrases XD). What I found from there is that the engine typically makes two files: arc.fwd - the one in which the audio data is stored
src.fwd - the one in which contains the scripts for the game (ie - text data)
Now that I know exactly which file I am supposed to edit/extract/re-pack. The only problem is that those two files are done in a custom encryption, and because of the byte-code it cannot be decrypted, even by the author (of the game I suppose)

So I ask you, the community here if is there any solution here (even if it would just be not directly editing the game, but rather a patch over the game that would work with the memory of the game and change the japanese text output to the english translated script in real time)