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2011-01-10, 16:03
Hi guys,

I'm pretty much new to visual novel translating, I've already read a few basic things I need to know, but there are still some things I'm having problems with.

First of all, the VN I'm trying to translate is "Green Green" by Groover. It uses the ARC archive system, and I was able to extract all data packages using AnimED. And here are where my questions start:

what tool can I use to view and edit the scripts?

1. The scripts (contained in "data01000.arc") don't have an extention. When I try to open them with Notepad++ all I get is code and then I can't view the actual text even when I set it to "UTF-8" (I CAN see where it's located, though). And in JWPce All I can see is the header that says: "BurikoCompiledScriptVer1.00".

What I've done so far is open the script with np++, and then copy what I figure might be script into JWPce. It works, but it takes too much time to do it that way and sometimes I even miss some text from the actual script.

2. To test if the engine actually supports western characters and such, is it enough to just repack edited files and try running the VN with the modified ARC files? Or is there another way to test that.

3. Where can I read more on this kind of files and the way I'm supposed to work with them (just so I don't have to ask that much in the future)

Thanks a lot in advanced!

2011-01-10, 16:57
"BurikoCompiledScript" means that the game runs on the BGI (Buriko General Interpreter) engine. Compiled means it took the text and the commands, and turned it into gibberish only the computer can read. Maybe you can try to extract the scripts using the BGI tools (http://www.mediafire.com/?lmjjojzwhzm).

2011-01-10, 17:41
Thanks a lot for your answer!

Well, I tried it out but it's pretty much the same. After extracting the scripts using BGItools arcextract, the extracted files are just like the ones AnimED extracts.

When I open them with JWPce now I only get "DSC FORMAT 1.00". And when I open the files with np++ i get that same DSC FORMAT at the beggining, but now I can't even tell where the text is... it's like the script isn't even there.

Is there any other way you might know of that I can edit the scripts?

EDIT: Opening one of the previously extracted scripts (AnimED) with np++ I found that right before the text is going to start, the script is called as "000_00.bss" ... Is that BSS extention of any help?

2011-01-13, 21:24
You don't check your PMs, do you? (:

Send me that data01000.arc or one of the scripts extracted by AnimED and I'll look into it. I recently wrote a tool to extract/reinsert text and images from another game that uses BGI engine, it might work for Green Green as well.

2011-01-14, 16:46
You don't check your PMs, do you? (:

Send me that data01000.arc or one of the scripts extracted by AnimED and I'll look into it. I recently wrote a tool to extract/reinsert text and images from another game that uses BGI engine, it might work for Green Green as well.

Really? Can you share it with us please? I tried playing about with the script from Nursery Rhyme and found while I can edit scripts using only AnimED and a hex editor, I'm limited with the number of bytes I'm allowed to use for editing.

For example 「…はい」 has excluding the brackets used for spoken text there are 6 bytes of data for me to play with. Luckily 6 bytes of data is enough to change the above example to 「...yes」 but that won't always be the case. In short, if a particular line only has 6 bytes of data, then 6 bytes of data is all I have to work with for editing purposes for that particular line.

If the tool you've made can allow me to freely edit BGI scripts without such limitation then I'd love to have a copy.

2011-01-15, 04:17
Oh, translating with a hex editor is not good :( Here you are then:
(Link removed)

It was intended to be used for Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro na, but it seems to be working with some others (I've tried on Fortune Arterial and recent MangaGamer releases) as well, at least on the extracting part. Let me know if it works for you. If it doesn't, I can try making some adjustments in the code too.

2011-01-15, 08:12
Thank you for the BGI tool, but I'm having trouble using it. I'm not sure how to use the command codes in dos, I've tried things like

BGITool.exe NRARC02.ARC -so

and it just comes up with the list of commands again. I don't suppose I could get a user guide for it please?

As for using a hex editor, yeah I know its not a good way to do things but using notepad++ I get a similar errors as the original poster. Opening it in note pad is fine until I save it. Even without making any changes and just saving it means I just trashed my file. That means for me, my only option was the hex editor. It does the job but with limitations.

2011-01-15, 09:10
Sorry for not being clear before, I should have explained it better. As the usage message suggest, you must put the file name after mode argument, as in "BGITool.exe -so NRARC02.ARC". This tool does not directly extract text from .arc files though, it extracts text from script files. You can get the scripts by extracting the .arc file with AnimED, Crass or any other tool that supports that format.

Once you succeed, you'll see two files for each script get extracted. .txt file contains the text to be translated, .cod file is only there to help with the reinsertion process. Within .txt files, there are lines that start with double slash (//) and lines that start with double slash and an asterisk (//*). Those with an asterisk are recurring lines and only there for your reference; you don't need to write their translations below them again. In fact, don't.

2011-01-15, 09:30
So, I had the file name and the command code the wrong way round. Silly me XD. Anyway it seems Nursery Rhyme scripts don't seem to work with your tool. It just says "Error: Invalid File Format"

I've uploaded the file in question so you can take a look at it. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NHIH847R
Ah sorry, I forgot to extract the scripts for you first. Do you need me to reupload or will you be alright with the arc file?

The problem with AnimEd is that the extracted scripts have no file extension. This leads me to using a hex editor to edit the file, since all other methods don't seem to work for me.

2011-01-15, 10:33
Nope, no need to upload again, I got it. However... The Nurse is in another hospital, I guess. Those scripts have a different format than the tool is able to work on. Which means, you'll need a new tool. I'll try to look into it when I have some free time.

Though I remember checking out the project page of Nursery Rhyme at TLWiki for a tool before writing my own. It said (and still does) "script dumper created; scripts ready for translation", so I thought there was a working tool but the project eventually faded into oblivion.

2011-01-15, 16:10
Thank you very much for taking the time to create a tool for hacking Nursery Rhyme. Its not my project to begin with so there's no need to trouble yourself. I just thought if you had a tool that works on all BGI games then I'd like one so when deciding on what games to work on, BGI games would be an open option.

2011-01-15, 21:47
I think Nursery Rhyme in English would be a splendid idea. My question is, will it be possible to add a non-ero patch? (implies control over where the script jumps to next I guess)

2011-01-16, 01:47
You would have to rewrite part of the program that leads to those scenes and make it skip those scenes.

Thank you for showing interest in the possible Nursery Rhyme translation. I'm holding back since I know someone else has worked on it and I hate to just hi-jack his project. There are times when I go on a break from working on projects too. By that I mean it can range from the odd day to even months.

I toyed around with the script files just to see if a set of BGI hacking tools was out there. If there was, great that means I can consider BGI games when deciding on a project.

2011-01-16, 18:05
There's another project? You can't mean the TLWiki one, right? It's dead. It's not even listed under "active projects."
I quote:
"It's dead, Jim. Moogy (talk) 06:02, 2 November 2009 (UTC) "

2011-01-16, 23:14
No, not really. I was testing the AnimEd tool since I saw it had BGI game hacking ability. I was the one who made the partial patch you see listed there. It works but it has it limitations. The project I was refering to is the one from TL Wiki.