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2010-12-31, 18:26
Hey there,

My group and I are (very) inofficially working on a translation of Littlewitch's "Shoujo Mahou Gaku Little Witch Romanesque" or just Romanesque for short. As the game has a MASSIVE load of images that need editing, we are currently looking for people with basic knowledge of Photoshop who are willing to help out with editing the menu graphics (replacing the Japanese text with English text - simple as that) - there are more than 1000 images, most come in three sizes even, that need the text replaced. Not much of editing to the backgrounds is needed to be done, it's mainly transparent graphics with Japanese text.

Anyone who'd be interested in speeding up the translation progress by helping out with the image editing, please e-mail me!


Any help would be greatly appreciated!! <3

2011-01-12, 16:08
Hey there, miruki!

I'm pretty good at Photoshop, and I've always wanted to play a translated version of Littlewitch Romanesque!!! I'd be happy to help out! ^_^

But... I have a few questions:

1. What's the name of your group, and have they done translations in the past?
2. Have you translated the whole script, or there's still some bits that need translating?
3. Are you okay with waiting from time to time with my editing? I'm a student in college.
4. I know there are pr0n scenes, so will I have to edit those as well? XD;

I've bookmarked this topic, so get back to me as soon as you can! :)

2011-02-16, 06:40
Check your Private Messages. :)

Anyone else who is interested, please be aware that I rarely think of checking back here (today it was my son who was trying to open up an anime episode and accidently clicked on the bookmark ;>) so please rather email me instead of replying here! :)

2011-03-01, 18:15
Do you think your translation team will last? I tire of groups who take on projects only to drop them later on. Nothing implied, it's an honest question.

2011-03-07, 08:03
Oh, don't worry about that. It will last. I'm not going to give any release dates until I am VERY sure we're gonna be done at a certain point, but we WILL finish this translation. Don't expect anything soon tho. We're gonna take our time as we're all adults with real life issues, jobs, university and children to take care of, but we're all taking this project serious, so unless some other group suddenly pops up with a finished translation, we'll continue working on it. :)

Bu-Bu San
2012-11-19, 14:17
do you need an image editor still?
because i am experienced in Photoshop
and i have worked on visual novels before