View Full Version : ._bp files in BGI .arc

2010-10-29, 03:56
Hi. Could I ask a question?

We're translating Fortune Arterial. And I've found a way to edit and repack the texts and images so far, but apart from the scripts there are still several in-game texts that need editing. They're in ._bp files in sysprg.arc. The question is, is there a way to decode ._bp files, edit them and code them back?

These are the files in case you need them:

And sorry everyone. I don't know much about hacking.

2010-10-31, 02:22
._bp files are custom byte-code files used by the Buriko General Interpreter. You might be able to get away with hex-editing but if you have no experience with recreating byte-code formats from reverse engineering interpreters, then you're probably out of luck.

2010-11-19, 21:13
After all this time, I just notice that I can just open the files ._bp with hex editor and directly edit the text strings lol. :P

Still, we can't change the length of the strings. We still need to know how to code/decode the files to modify their size. Guess we'll have to make do for now.