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2010-10-23, 02:03
Ummm.... I hope this is the right section for this.... Do move it if it isn't.

Anyway, what's happening is I'm making my own visual novel. Not translating one, let me make that very clear!
Now, the thing is that I'm not sure what the best program to make visual novels with is. Can someone suggest something to me?

To get an idea, it will probably have quite a few graphics, and apart from the obvious stuff like music, I'm considering making a short animation for the end of it.
Also, I want to make an option where you can read it in other languages (including at the moment Japanese, Korean and Turkish) so it would need to support all of that too.

So, can anyone help me here?

2010-10-23, 02:12
All *NScripter engines are pretty good on the VN-rendering part, but for English-language projects you'd probably want to use ONScripter-en specifically. PONScripter would be required if you wanted to add Turkish support etc. Try UncleMion's corner (http://onscripter.unclemion.com/).

The second obvious choice is renpy. For that, the lemmasoft forums (lemmasoft.renai.us/forums) are where you want to be.

2010-10-23, 02:19
Can PONScriptor or renpy support English, Japanese and Turkish for example? (I'd rather give the option of which language to choose rather than making different versions).

2010-10-23, 11:17
Yes, PONScripter is unicode so it should support anything you can throw at it. Ren'Py apparently also supports unicode, so my guess is that should work, too.