View Full Version : Fortune Arterial translation project revived. Need more translators please. :P

2010-08-18, 21:55
Hi, everyone! This is my first post here so if I've done something wrong please rebuke me. :P

Well I just restarted our chuutranslations project of translating Fortune Arterial. Our project lead Tremalkinger will be a part of us no more, which is why we have been so dead. He kinda let me take over the project and I just got my hand on it a few days ago. so there should not be much activity now as I speak, but I'm working on that. :)

We now have a hacker, a translator and an editor. But more translators are greatly needed. :\ Please contact me if you're interested:

For more info:

Also, please spread words about our project if you can. :) *bow*

P.S. I heard that we were going to release a demo. Well, I don't know about that. :P Currently we're only aiming for the full game.

2010-08-18, 23:44
Great 2 see another project ^^

Good luck

2010-08-19, 03:12
Will you still be updating this page?

2010-08-19, 08:48
I though the project was dead, good to see I'm wrong.

Good luck with the project.

2010-08-19, 18:09
nope. the main page will be taken down. pls stay tuned to our wikia page. :)

and you weren't mistaken. the project was dead. :P

2010-10-23, 01:56
=0 ! .... Hiya Franky!XD *hugs* Hikarin didn't think she'd fine you on here!
And all I can really help out with is the song translation like I said (busy, busy, busy!><), but I hope that's good enough for now. ^^ *glomps* :3

2010-10-24, 20:17
hi, hikari-sensei! didn't expect to see you here. are you on a project too? lol

@everyone: um , i plan to insert subtitle into the two OP songs, "It's my precious time!" and "扉ひらいて、ふたり未来へ". anyone familiar with Aegisub?

and we still need one more permanent translator, not a once-in-awhile contributor. it's been hectic with only me alone. :x

2010-10-26, 20:25
Yeah, I joined here I'm not sure how long ago :3 Not at the moment, but I plan on it in the future. ;p
I've been working with Aegisub a little Franky. I tend to be very fussy on the timing though!XD Do you need help with it?

2010-10-27, 01:00
yeah. and don't mind it. i can time it myself.

2010-11-02, 20:11
Okay, well if you're sure you can manage^^ Oh! =0 I'll be posting the translation of It's my precious time hopefully tomorrow^^ *forgot her USB*

2010-11-03, 05:41
Good luck for the project ^^