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2010-08-12, 13:17
I would like, in the future, translate shin koihime musou in French.
For the moment, I try to know how unpack and repack the script and the graphic texts of the game.

Actually, I managed to unpack the .arc files, but two problems arise...

After extraction : I have many files like this : http://img697.imageshack.us/img697/2682/sanstitre1tz.png

If I try to open a file with notepad, I have this : http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/2121/sanstitre2ll.png

Downward, I guess it's a part of the script of the game but I don't think we modifiy it with notepad (no idea).

My second problem is that I don't know how repack the files in a .arc archive

So, I would like know how modify the script files and repacks them in a .arc archive.

I hope to be understandable ^^

Thanks in advance.

2010-08-12, 21:04
use Crass(TACTICS_ARC)
or sinkhmcv(westside)

If you have not already.

If you did I can't help you.

2010-08-13, 17:15
but I have already extract the files from the archive.
But not with crass or sinkhmcv, with "extafarc"
I would know how edit the script files and how repack them in a .arc archive

2010-08-13, 22:53
try to find a hacker who'd make a repacker for you.

2011-02-06, 16:44
Did anyone ever make a repacker for the TACTICS_ARC format? Only the specialized extafarc tool and Crass seem to be able to unpack it, and I've searched all over for a public repacker.

I apologize for the thread necromancy, but seeing as I have the same question as the OP...