View Full Version : RPG Schools and shenanigans

2010-07-19, 16:18
I am currently trying to escape work and have resorted to playing some of the old school games of my game folders, like Shuunin no El Pel Mel or Kinder (which reminds me I have to get Corpse Party).

All of these fantastic games ran on Dante98 or later RPG School RTP, but I cannot find any tutorial on the vast internet about how to translate these games to another language, not even English.

So I have 2 questions :
Is there an easy way like, purchasing any RPG School software and getting access to reverse-engineering tools to just do it ourselves?
Or (question 2) is it more complicated and basically nobody wants to go through the hassle of doing it?

Any hint is welcome...

2011-06-20, 06:18
I have the same question about Corpse Party Dante98.
Any idea?