View Full Version : 11eyes Resona Forma (Pictures and info in the link)

2010-06-27, 14:31

New 11eyes coming out link has info and pictures use Google translate to read.

Discuss here.

Did I mention Liselotte has a bigger role in this fan disk?

2010-11-20, 09:00
Oh yeah the release of Resona forma is change... Before it was Fall 2010
It said to be this winter. and there is a possibility release in the winter comiket.

Where I got this information, classified.

Here is what lass post: 発売予定 : 今冬発売予定 in the 11eyes Resona Forma Web. Well the informant is not sure due to the 今冬 and theories that they just move it this winter comiket instead(since it was Fall 2010 of what lass probable release but they may think it probably the best thing that they just release it on the winter comiket).

heres the web link: http://lass.jp/product/11eyes_rf/

2010-11-21, 13:55
Guys, check out one of the shots that's been posted in the gallery. If you've played Persona3 or 4, you'll like it.