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2010-06-08, 16:53
I've been working on translating Leaf's JRPG, "Kimi ga Yobu, Megiddo no Oka De." I'm pretty sure it runs on the Aquaplus engine. Translation has been going fine, no problems extracting scripts or anything, but I have no idea how to reinsert the .txt files into .bnr files, and then from there to the .PAK file the packed script was originally in. Is there any known repacker for this kind of file, or am I wasting my time?

Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated.

2010-06-08, 20:59
Generally, you are wasting your time if you're translating a significant chunk of the script file without knowing beforehand that you can insert it. A common misconception is that as long as you can extract the script into some format, you can edit that and reinsert it. There's a possibility for the extracted script to be missing important information that's needed for insertion to be possible.

PS: I've never encountered .BNR files in other Leaf games, before. The other games I own use either .p files archived in .a files, or .SDT files archived in .PAK files.

2010-06-09, 20:46
Dunno it's for extract or repack.

the links for *.Pak format

Complete Visual Novel tools

2010-06-10, 07:48
Why are the Leaf sources in .iso form? They were released as a zip file (or maybe lzh) originally...

2010-06-27, 14:14
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