View Full Version : Anime Expo 2010

2010-06-07, 22:05
Greetings Gemotians! Your friendly neighborhood eroge seller would like to inform you that he will be back for madness at Anime Expo this year. Do be sure to stop by and take it easy. :]

I am thinking about some rather nifty promotions for this time around. Stay tuned for more details.

2010-06-07, 22:11
Nice, I'm going to AX again this year.

Inexperienced Gaijin
2010-06-08, 20:56
I wanted to go to AX this year but I am going to Japan in July so I can't, but I still want to go because Yui Horie is going to be there. :(

2010-06-08, 22:24
I'll be there...

2010-06-09, 19:40
<_< I'll also be flying in from the city, mostly hanging out with the army of #denpa folks who are going. As usual, aside from the concerts, will spend much of it by the Hendane booth and Mangagamer booth...

Will most likely be handing out burned copies of Narci2 to random people by the booths. Drop by to say hi.

2010-06-19, 20:24
It'll be my first time attending. Which booths will you guys be at?

2010-06-25, 05:17
For those curious, Hendane will be located at booths 411, 413, 415, and 510. ...not particularly useful since there is no layout map of the hall up yet. Since it should be the same as last year, you can find Hendane at the front left corner of the room right behind industry as you walk in. MangaGamer should be right across from us...well, they will be obvious enough I'm sure.

2010-06-25, 09:30
So who else here is actually going tot his thing anyway?

2010-06-27, 23:00
I'll stop by and take a look. The background image on the link reference is too small to spot properly. If I find something I like I'll go ahead and buy it. See you there. Any gathering possibilities?