View Full Version : Help extracting Little Busters! Ecstasy's script

2010-06-03, 15:05
I am sad to say this feels like a repeat of a post I made 3 years ago but I am no good at this hacking stuff. I am trying to extract the script from Little Busters Ecstasy for my own reference, and like with the original LB, SEEN.txt has been changed to not work with RLDev. The changes are detailed here (http://forums.novelnews.net/showthread.php?t=9988), but I (still) can't understand any of this technical stuff with shifting bytecodes and that so can someone help me out? (I can do the RLDev extraction myself).

Thank you for reading this

Richard 23
2010-08-05, 20:23
Since the last official release of RLdev the "encryption" scheme has evolved a bit.

1. general encryption pass (XOR) with a common key
2. additional encryption using a game-specific key

#2 is somewhat new

Little Busters EX not only has its own set of keys, but also applies the encryption somewhat differently.

I managed to write a fairly simple routine that applies custom keys which are specified in an extensible format that works so far with Clannad/LB and LBEX. The Memorial Edition doesn't have this second layer of encryption which was a relief.

The original LB script archive contains some challenges for the RLdev 1.40, EX and ME pile on some more. I've been working on an unofficial fork of the disassembler and compiler for quite a while now. I'm fairly certain that LB/EX/ME are fully extracted and the unofficial compiler is coming along quite well.

The map generator for rlBabel also has trouble with all three RealLive interpreters that shipped with LB. Ditto for Five by RAM. Use of the generated map files crashed quite nicely.

I recently revisited the code, modifying it such that rlBabel features would quietly fail due to bad pointers in the map file, and... no crash. So I'm cautiously optimistic about getting rlBabel support in LB sometime in the near future.