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2010-05-20, 05:55
I'm thinking of starting translating After... by Ciel, and i found out that i can extract the script from it with both AnimED and Crass. But i haven't been able to find a way to get the script back into the game. So I'm guessing its impossible for now, since I'm not even close to being a hacker. But i figured i would ask here, Just in case i missed something.

I have always been interested in this game, since i saw some CG from it. And translating it would be an interesting way to learn some more Japanese. The chance that i could actually do good enough to finish it is probably 0%. but i can always dream eh..

2010-05-20, 05:59
Extracting (the bare minimum) text from a game script is always a lot easier than inserting text into a game script. It's sort of like how it's easier to read something in a foreign language compared to writing something.