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Soul Reaver
2010-05-05, 14:27
Alright, so I've been trying to find out how to create an XP3 patch for Fate/Stay Night.

The only thing I want to edit are some images - no changes to the text, sounds, effects, or anything complicated like that.

I have successfully extracted the files I would like to edit from an XP3 patch using crass. The files I extracted showed up as .bmp files. I've edited a few of the files already (although there's still more to do). But before proceeding, I wanted to try and see if I could create a XP3 patch myself.

No luck, unfortunately. I used insani's xp3tools and used it to pack a few of the edited pictures into an XP3 file, but the file I created didn't work - when I renamed this to 'patch9.xp3' and put it in my Fate/Stay Night directory (with the other patch files - it's using Mirror Moon's english patch and the Realta Nua patch too) it didn't seem to register the new files I made - it just used the default ones.

Maybe the image files I'm supposed to pack are meant to be in a different format (they're current .bmp)?

I can't seem to figure out how to make it work or what I'm doing wrong.

However, I did find something interesting written by the author of an uncensoring patch that might relate to my problems. Specifically, he wrote the following:

"Basically, xp3tools, while totally awesome, isn't perfect when it comes to its decryption, but only it appears, when dealing with image files. It would corrupt the same images every time, and thus, even though we had access to uncensored pics, getting them into the game was a completely different story.

I got around this by tracking down a version of krkrrel that came with the xp3enc.dll that worked for FSN, repacked the *.tlg files I had created from the BMPs created by anonymous, and packed them into the patch file in this archive."

Perhaps this is related?

Unfortunately I'm quite new to this and would appreciate any help people can offer.

2010-05-30, 03:04
1. Do not use insani's tools, they are outdated.
2. For *.tlg decoding into 32-bit bitmaps (they are contain alpha channel, read this at Wikipedia), use CRASS.
2a. For converting 32-bit *.bmp into *.png use XnView or any similar tool which is capable of correctly working with alpha-channeled BMPs.
3. For *.tlg encoding use any official version of KiriKiri SDK.
4. For making new *.xp3 archives, use this tool (http://tlwiki.tsukuru.info/index.php?title=File:Kikiriki.rar) (uses native cxdec module from any KrKr-based VN, except for the newest with cxdec module embedded into EXE itself).

P.S. Seriously, guys, how about putting a Wiki or F.A.Q. for this? I've damn tired answering the same questions over and over again, and seem to be the only one who cares. -_-'

Soul Reaver
2010-05-30, 03:28
Thank you, this is much appreciated.

In the interim I've had more luck than before and actually managed to create a working .xp3 file - it was mostly a matter of learning how to correctly convert .bmp files to .tlg format.

Other projects are taking up must of my time at the moment, but now that I know how to do this I'll be working on it occasionally when I get time. Still a lot of picture editing to accomplish, but now it seems like it'll be do-able.

2010-05-30, 07:59
I am so sorry to disturb you, dsp2003, but I can't understand what I have to do with crass... I know how to use it to extract files, but I don't know how to use it for *.tlg decoding into 32-bit bitmaps. I know only how to do it with susie32, but that means converting file by file...

2010-05-31, 08:19
Unregistered, technically, I meant this: extract xp3 archive with correct cxdec option in CRASS and they will be automatically converted into bmps during the extraction. :)

2011-02-10, 15:10
And that correct cxdec option would be?

2011-02-10, 17:27
Andoru, when you extract Crass from the archive, you will have also a folder called "document". Open it and then the folder "en" ("cn" if you prefer to read in Chinese). There you can find a *.txt file for each engine you can work on with Crass. Open the file "kirikiri2.txt" and see what is written there for more informations about this engine. Do the same for other engines, if you need it.
Note: Crass can ONLY extract and it doesn't allow you to repack anything.