View Full Version : Kid Tools GUI (aka KTG) reversing/encrypting

2010-04-28, 22:06

Has anyone had experience with this program, or know the method it uses to decrypt the .bip script files?

Reason being, I can use it to decode the script file (so I can add in the translation), however I cannot re-encrypt it so the game (ever17 psp) can read it.

Its not a simple XOR unfortunately, and re-running the file through GTP yields no results.
For comparison's sake, Here's the scrip files before and after running it through GTP (If opening them up in a hex-editor, the script starts at around 1590)


2010-04-29, 08:36
Here's the E17 PS2/R11 PC BIP decompressor (courtesy of Zidane-sama) written in Object Pascal. Source code is a public domain (BIP files are using simple LZW-alike compression). Hope this will be helpful.

2010-04-29, 22:52
Yep, thanks for that, as the R11 tools on TLwiki didn't do the job.
Although now I'm going to need to break the code down, to work out how to go backwards to encode it again, so that the game ca read and run it.


2010-04-30, 09:21
afaik, it's possible to simulate LZ/LZW by inserting $FF code every 8 bytes (starting from 0 position), so no "real" encoding is required. :)

2010-05-03, 05:47
Cheers, gave it a shot, But no luck unfortunately.
Don't worry, I'll keep plugging away at this, shame its not a straight-up LZW...

2010-06-26, 14:36
Hi, I was looking for more games with .BIP files and came across this thread. Although I do not entirely understand how to do what you want, I do know that an LZSS variation is used for the BIP compression. I found a tool, with C source included, that will perform the decompression. Perhaps you can reverse the source to make it compress? I've attached the file. Good luck!