View Full Version : Question about Dark Translations website

2010-04-26, 22:42
So I accidentally went to Dark Translations website today, after clicking the news feed for encubed thinking it would just send me to encubed website.

After reading that there were malicious hacks on the site, I backed out and cleared out my cache and scanned using 4 different antivirus and the like.

Do I have a reason to worry since the website said if you visited in the past few days scan your computer, but I just visited today. I have noscript and adblock plus if that helps stop it on my browser.

Sorry if I just worry too much.

2010-04-27, 02:35
probably just a lame script...

2010-04-27, 06:53
I assumed that Nephrinn cleaned up the website before posting that. Here's more information on the exploit:

2010-04-27, 07:34
If it didn't redirect you to that site (in which you would've noticed), you don't have anything to worry about