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Panstu Revolution
2010-02-02, 05:25
Since nobody knows how to solve my initial thread, I will ask the other way around:

How can I open/edit a .g00 file? I want to check the koeicon.g00 file and probably fix the problem myself.

Sorry to make a new thread, but it seems I won't get people's attention otherwise... ^_^''


2010-02-04, 23:37
I too would like to know this.

2010-03-07, 11:10
I don't know if either of you are still around to read this, but here goes:

The way to manipulate the files in Kanon is by using RLdev, the program Haeleth made for just that purpose. Here's a link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6eRSD7h_QQ) to another small project using RLdev to add Yuuichi's voice in.

Now, for my problem, I've found that nearing Jan. 27 or so for most characters, the voices are not attached to the right lines. I only use the HQ Voice patch, but it may be for other voice patches too. Like you, I went in manually and found out the right wavs do exist, but need to be reassigned. I was already planning to learn a bit more about RLdev and fix it myself, but I could really use the help. If either of you want to tackle the issue you were having and fix this one too, post a message here and we can get in contact.


Pantsu Revolution
2010-03-14, 05:12
Yup, still around.
Do you have that RLdev programm then? Can't seem find it somehow.
I can't make any promises before looking into that programm myself, but depending on how work intensive it will be, I will try.^^''
Soon I will have more time on my hands so I can immerse myself in that matter.


2010-03-14, 10:53

There are Windows binaries that hopefully should be sufficient... I wouldn't recommend trying to compile from source unless you're up for a challenge...

Also, you are aware that the g00 files are graphic files, right? You're unlikely to fix voice patch problems by editing graphics, unless you're having trouble with the graphical interface to turn the voices on...