View Full Version : Cross Channel Spanish Translation. Help.

2010-01-25, 18:17
Well we just started a translation of english to spanish of Cross Channel.

We already have begun translation but we have a problem, spanish characters like the ñ, ¿ and ¡ doesn't display. We have already tried some things with help of Nagato, the Amaterasu hacker, but it's no use.

Here's an example of the problem:


We have already tried changing the font and testing other encondings but nothing.

Please someone can help me with this?

EDIT: We found out that theres a dll that nagato made to display the "ñ" because they needed it in the english translation. Now we know how to do it. You have to write {n} and it will show the ñ. But it only works for the ñ so the only thing we need now is someone who can modify the dll so it can hook for example: "á" as {a'}. The same with ¿ and ¡.

BTW here's the page of the project: http://ookamitrans.weebly.com/