View Full Version : Repacking need assage?

2010-01-08, 18:26
Im new at translating games but so far ive extracted a Caramelbox game using crass/crage with Caramelbox.cui, made some changes and now am ready to repack and test. But from what i read i need a program called assage and the relevant .aui file. But i cant find this program anywhere or any information on it besides what is in the crass readme files and a few mentions on forums. Does anyone know where i can find assage or another packer? The header file for the game's bin files says "arc3" if that means anything to anyone :P

2010-01-09, 18:05
on another note the CUI files used by crass/crage appear to be DLL files but when i try and load them into vb to use them it says they arent really dll files... but if you really look at them they appear to be spot on. So the functions i need are in this dll like cui file but i have no idea how to gain access to them. Any ideas?