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2009-12-27, 20:17
I'm trying to extract text from Yumekoi Tensei game that is a dat file. I used AnimED but can't extract it (progress bar stuck at 14% and appears a warning that a file is not supported or damaged). If anyone can help please tell me.

2009-12-28, 18:27
what engine? what file?
.dat is very common extension and says about 0% about the file itself.
can you post at least header?

2009-12-29, 01:50
sorry for late response, but I don't know a method to look a header at the dat file... (i'm very newbie in this case).
i'm trying open that dat file using word application and i found the text that appear in the game. looks this file is plain text script. i'm trying to change some text and then run the game with edited script but the game can't run.
maybe because the text that i insert must have a same bit length etc with the edited text...

2009-12-29, 01:57
is the name of the file nscript.dat?
you can look at header with some hex editor

2009-12-29, 02:18
no, file's name is Arc04.dat

2009-12-29, 03:42
hikarikagayaku, I've downloaded the patch from the official homepage. Fortunately, it contained the same arc04.dat. Looking at it's structure, I can say that this is NOT an archive - it's a bytecode script file. In order to open\edit it, you'll have to ask for help of qualified hacker. ^_^'

Note: do NOT try to open files of unknown origin in Word/Writer - it will lead to game data corruption. Office soft is not intelligent, you know... -_-

P.S. Those 14% actually meant that the data structure of the .dat files somehow matched one of the known archive data patterns, but the further analysis proved it being false-detection.

2010-01-01, 20:38
I see... well, I think that file is plain text script because I can see a text for the game directly, but it's wrong :D . Thanks for youranswer about it.

I have 1 more question (off-topics) about .ks file... I trying to edit some text at this .ks file (http://www.mediafire.com/?yz2qy5wjnun), but when I edit at dialog part's character's name, when I run the game, the voice not appears... anyone can help?

2010-01-01, 21:00
The reason is simple: do not remove japanese brakes and\or do not translate character's name - most of voiced KiriKiri games are using those for autolinking of the voice files, and if you'll mess them up, you'll get yourself a huge headache.

2010-01-01, 21:03
thanks for the answer :)