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2009-11-24, 11:30
Currently trying to translate Angelic Serenade (Kogado)

Thanks to AnimED, able to extract script file which is *.wps

Having Hex Editor, installed Works 9, however, the script is still unreadable (actually it is to some extent).

Need help to somehow extract it into read+editable file. Any suggestion is really appreciated.
Thanks you very much.

Uploaded the first 3 file(extracted) and the Script pack.

Again, thanks.

2009-11-25, 01:24
You can find the tools for Angelic Serenade here (http://www.tsukuru.info/tlwiki/index.php?title=Tools#KOGADO_.kgo_.28Symphonic_Rain.2C_Dear_Pianissimo.2C_Angelic_Serenade.29).

2009-11-26, 16:17
Thanks for your suggestion, but it actually doesn't help.

Same: I can extract the .wps but it is still uneditable ...

2009-11-26, 22:46
Hmm... I've checked the structure of the script file you gave, and it seems this is another semi-binary script. Quick glance gave the following results:

The first 4 bytes represent segment name.
The second 4 bytes represent file size in little endian format.
The third 4 bytes are zeroes.
Next few bytes are of unknown origin.
The text window opcode(?) structure:
* starts with 0x01 0x80 0x00
* 4 zero bytes
* 4 bytes represent length of null-terminated string
* x bytes of Shift-JIS text, including terminating zero byte


That's all I could say with simple HEX editor check. Please ask Minagi or Serke for further assistance, since I'm unable to say more without experimenting with the VN itself. Sorry. ^^

Note: do not edit files in Word. Word sucks. Use Notepad2 or at least Notepad++ for non-binary data.

2009-11-27, 17:58
Notepad seem to work fine for me.

However, another problems occur. I can't actually edit it because if I do so, the script changed and the game just crash after the first *mouse click*

I tried to use hex editor again and found that I can only replace the word, not making the sentence longer or shorter ... or it stop working.

Are there any way to edit it without harming the script??(it's impossible for me to replace a japanese word with *a* english character. The more I am involved the more I see how vast the world is :((

2009-11-27, 18:32
Try using MadEdit (http://madedit.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page) in text mode. Notepad usually butchers formatting/encoding of the text so it's pretty much useless. Depending on your hex editor, you could try inserting a # of bytes (set it to zero) and overwrite them after.

For MadEdit, start in hex mode to get to the start of your sentence then switch to text mode and it should keep your position, from there you should be able to edit it fine as you would in notepad.

2009-11-27, 21:36
You're not going to be able to do much without a dedicated disassembly of the bytecode; KOGADO scripts have hardcoded offsets for jumps.

2009-11-28, 08:22
Actually I used another disassembler (the one from tsukuru) and the scripts became readable.
@Esperknight: can you please make it more clear?
I using madedit, with is quite good. THe script now readable in the game, but it is still only the first scene. As I mentioned, it seems like the script command was repositioned.

Can you please give me detailed guide to keep the script command unharmed?

This is link to the good script files: http://www.box.net/shared/spkv9uxmcn