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2009-10-25, 12:45
Hello. I was curious about how the PS2 and PC version (both Japanese) actually differ from each other. So, I've asked my fellow to get the PS2 version and extract it's resources.

So, after some investigations and data analysis (with my crappy connection i only was able to look at small (75-200 kb) pieces of data), I'm ready to bring you some not-so-happy facts about PC vs. PS2 data:

PS2 has 2 versions for each BGM - normal & looped. It's done in SCEI MIDI+SoundFont format and compressed into BIP (lzw) container. Output sample rate is 48000 Hz. Here (http://www.zophar.net/music/psf2/ever17-the-out-of-infinity.html) you can find the PSF2 RIP. ^_^ On another note, there's 2 alternative Je Nach versions available, as well as Helimittel reprise (both 3 are not included in the PC version)!
PC has only 1 version for each BGM - normal. It's rendered into Microsoft ADPCM. Output sample rate is only 22050 Hz. :(

PS2 has the same number of voice samples as PC version. Output sample rate is 48000 Hz.
PC has the same number of voice samples as PS2 version. Output sample rate is 22050 Hz.

So, it means that KID was selling shittly-made port instead of normal version for PC players.


P.S. Feel free to comment or add more.

Rasqual Twilight
2009-10-25, 12:52
Put in the context of the original PC port (2003) : it was pressed on four CDs.

2009-12-02, 01:00
Hmmm... saw this in someone's signature :
Ever17 ~ universal BGM patch ~ (bottom of page)

Ever17 patch made by the russian translation team(?) that works on english version or japanese versions of Ever17. Brings the BGM from 22KHz to 44KHz straight from the OST.

Now if there just was voice and text patch...

2009-12-17, 00:12
Put in the context of the original PC port (2003) : it was pressed on four CDs.
This doesn't makes any sense. They COULD use OGG Vorbis instead of the obsolete M$ ADPCM (the ugliest ADPCM implementation, afaik), but decided to bring sh*t to PC.

Okay, some good news. We've created the test version of Voice HQ patch! ^_^ Okay, now some bad news - it went over 1.4 Gb, so we'll have to find the way to distribute it. Probably as torrent, cause megacrapload & others are really sucks...

Please note: it MIGHT be incompatible with English version, since several voice files of English release were split in two or more parts, which requires some sound editing.

Don't worry, when we'll be certain about it's condition, we'll release it.
+ We're going to reupload BGM patch with EVEN BETTER quality sound! ^_^

Stay tuned.

2009-12-25, 23:42
Were you annoyed by the random sound clicks and pops during the voiced scenes?
Were you frustrated by the low-quality dull voices encoded as 22050Hz 4-bit audio?

If so, then our new patch is for you! ^_^

Ever17 Voice +SFX Patch is a complete superior quality replacement, which utilises converted & edited data from PS2 version of the game. Now you can get the full experience of the game in the way which was originally intended by the creators! ^3^

This is the first and the final version. It contains:

* voice.dat - All original PS2 voices in 48 KHz + several redone English version files based on the PS2 originals
* se.dat - All original PS2 sound effects in 48 KHz + hi-quality previews for system voices

No executables or script files are affected. This patch can be installed for ANY PC version of Ever17, even Chinese! ^_^


* Windows 9x/NT
* Ever17 ~ the out of infinity ~ Premium Edition PC (Any language and/or set of discs)
* Modern sound card capable of 48 KHz 16 bit playback mode

Patch size: 1 Gb
Free space required for installation: 1.5 Gb

Please note: this patch is made with good intentions to enhance PC players' experience and NOT intended to be redistributed with illegal copies of the game.

You can download the patch by following the link below.

Enjoy. ^_^

2010-03-21, 09:08
I just wanted to say great job. It works perfect!

I didn't realize/notice you were part of the team before..
Thank you for the release :)

The voices are a wonderful improvement~ And the SFX; the building shaking/grinding sounds had my hair standing on end...
The only *issue* I have encountered is the ocean wave sound heard in a few places [like at the very beginning, doesn't seem looped as well as the original version... it kind of stands out to me like a broken record...]

2010-03-21, 14:06
I don't see any link in the signature, and it's all russian too....

2010-03-21, 16:24
The only *issue* I have encountered is the ocean wave sound heard in a few places [like at the very beginning, doesn't seem looped as well as the original version... it kind of stands out to me like a broken record...]
This is because the PC version of se09_01L sample was in cutted-out frequency, so you weren't able to notice the "gap" so easely. The length of PS2 sample and PC sample is merely the same.

Enerccio, it's located at the end of the page, pretty easy to find (hint: it's a 7-zipped torrent file). Still can't find it? Check at nyaatorrents for "Ever17 Voice Patch". Unfortunately, our brave moderators are removing any direct torrent links.

2010-03-22, 00:12
Oh right, I have noscript and the files were not showing up. Thanks

2010-08-06, 22:23
So sorry to resurrect this thread from the dead, but dsp2003, I was wondering about the voice patch. I'm so glad that you guys created something so fantastic, but... is there any way to get it to work on a 64-bit Windows system? (Or, failing that, are there any plans to create a compatible version in the future?) I tried repeatedly to install it, but it won't even let me open the installer, and there's no workaround that I know of.

I was able to install the music patch without a hitch, and would be overjoyed if I could somehow make use of your voice/SFX patch too.

2010-08-07, 00:51
Unregistered, that's strange. The voice+sfx patch is a simple NSIS installer, so it should work on any Win32 environment.

Nevertheless, if it fails to install, you can do everything manually - open the executable via 7-Zip File Manager and extract voice.dat and se.dat right into E17's directory.

Hope this helps. ^_^

2010-08-07, 12:33
If the installer doesn't run, can I assume you're getting the "NSIS error"? Because if that's the case your installer is corrupt, most usually caused by faulty download.

2010-08-08, 23:29
I tried firing up BitTorrent again with the finished file, and that seemed to do the trick - the file icon changed to the dolphin (never noticed before that it wasn't) and I was able to install it just fine. I guess it was a corrupted or incomplete download after all. Thanks so much to dsp2003 and Message for their help! I can't wait to enjoy the fruits of your work.

2010-08-09, 03:33
Unregistered, please note that English version contain several nasty bugs in voice linking introduced by awful text\opcode insertion (it's good you'll never know how much I hate you, Hirameki). I.e. sometimes there's no sound at all (I've found about ~20 similar errors), though the files are present in voice.dat. The only way to fix them is to edit the script.dat.

P.S. I won't promise anything, but I'd be happy to produce script.dat patch as well. The only required thing is... well, people who are familiar with Japanese and English. I'm not a native speaker, so it's impossible for me to fix anything but simple grammar. ^^'

2010-08-11, 20:15
dsp2003, that would be FANTASTIC if you wouldn't mind taking the time to work on it! I'd be happy to help you, too - I'm a native English speaker, and JLPT 2-level at Japanese with some minor translation work under my belt, and if I can help you make this happen then I'd be more than glad to render my services for the script patch.

Could I possibly contact you on IRC or by e-mail about collaborating?