View Full Version : al|together 2009: has it been stated if this will take place yet?

2009-08-22, 23:35
^topic. I'm looking forward to another al|together and was wondering whether it is planned to happen again this year.

2009-08-24, 14:24
I know that at the end of al|together 2008 they announced an "open phase" of a|t 2009, with an open call for submissions of translated works to appear in the 2009 al|together. So, presumably there will be one based on that information, but there's been no other news that I am aware of.

2009-08-27, 21:53
Maybe it will be every two years?

I do remember insani saying they were having lives :P

2009-08-28, 22:17
Extended phase pieces accepted for publication will be presented at the opening phase of al|together 2009; the date of this phase is to be announced at a later time. However, three guarantees: (a) al|together 2009 will happen; (b) I will be coordinating it; (c) festival phase participation will again be by invitation only.

It looks like it will happen. But we'll have to see right?

2009-09-02, 16:45
Can't wait. Big fan of these VN and his work.

2009-09-02, 17:18
By "his", who do you mean? Seung Park? I don't think he makes them...

2009-09-16, 17:50
By "his", who do you mean? Seung Park? I don't think he makes them...

The translators and his management leadership.

2010-02-04, 20:37
...yay al|together 2010?

2011-05-08, 18:37
Methinks that it isn't happening anymore