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2009-08-20, 01:51
I'm new to the forums so sorry if i posted this in the wrong place >.<

Me and my friend are interested in translating either lamune or tayutama from Japanese to English, but haven't got the first clue about how to get ahold of the scripts and to put the translated ones back into the game. Any help on where we should start or anything at all would be greatly appreciated ^_^

2009-08-20, 02:24
Buy the games.

Find out which engine the novels run on. (look at the file extensions and use google)

Use google to find extraction and reinsertion tools.



2009-08-20, 02:50
Since the above post is unhelpful:

Use crass (http://galcrass.blog124.fc2.com/) to extract the game resources. I know for a fact that it works on Tayutama, and it should work on NekoNekoSoft games as well.

I doubt anyone has made tools to repack either engine's archives, but I may be wrong. IIRC Tayutama ran on BGI.

In any case if you're actually going to translate the games I doubt you'll have problems finding someone to write you a repacker.

2009-08-20, 03:23
iirc there were tools for nekoneko games up to scarlett(excluding it).

2009-08-20, 11:22
Lamune is Majiiro. Haeleth had some tools for that on his site. I have no idea if they actually work or not, but they should do (only the newer games were supposed to be a problem)

2009-08-20, 12:03
Thanks very much for the replies, we haven't yet decided between tayutama or lamune but i'll be sure to post our website here when we have it up and running ^^

might be a month or so away after we get everything sorted out though hehe

Rasqual Twilight
2009-08-22, 04:23
But Haeleth said it is not Majiro (http://forums.novelnews.net/showthread.php?p=16656#post16656), rather another engine that predates it.

2009-08-22, 05:23
Huh, so it seems, so it seems. Lamune's engine, in fact, doesn't seem to have been used for anything else ever. Wow.

2009-08-22, 08:41
hmmm, that'd be why we're having trouble getting a hold of the scripts hehe
we'll keep trying all the tools we can find nonetheless..
i'm sure one of us has a programmer friend who owes us a favor xP

2013-11-05, 10:48
4 years later...not the same person, but I could use some help with Lamune...

Seems that the engine is being called "AZ System" by some folks.
Whatever it's called, I've got the script, but no ability to make a patch.
I think I understand what is needed to make the patch, but I'm not sure my programming skills are enough to pull it off.

Meanwhile, let's see how far I can get with the translation, I guess.

2013-11-06, 07:39
By the way, what happens if you copy just the EXE, DLL, script, and possibly data files to a new directory, without the graphics and sound files? Does the game run without any graphics? Or are the script files and graphics and sounds all together in one file?

2013-11-06, 12:20
Well it's complicated because...

The OLD version of Lamune (1.00) will run without any graphic or voice files. All you need is "scenario.arc" and "system.arc". You just see the text by itself.

But the NEW version of Lamune (1.03), which I'm currently working from for translation purposes, will not--it just exits with an error message.
In the new version, not only did they replace the .exe but they also added a brand-new data file "data01.arc" which replaces all the scripts that were previously in "scenario.arc" plus some miscellaneous other files.

Luckily, the same tools that extracted the scripts for the old version of Lamune will also work on the new version (and the internal file formats haven't changed, .asb for scripts and .cpb for graphics)

Finally, it's worth noting that Lamune will load individual .asb files from its current directory. They do not actually have to be inside the archive. They just have to be in the correct bytecode-whatchamacallit format. If you stick a random file in the Lamune directory and rename it with the name of one of the script files, it will try to load it and you will get an error message while you're playing.

2013-11-06, 20:57
Can I see some ASB files so I can get an idea of what they look like?

2013-11-08, 09:52
I PM'd you the links and a bunch of details.

As you can see, it's gonna take a lot of file processing which I don't have experience with, so it would take me a long time to make a tool like this and debug it and get it working.
And even if I did get it working, who knows if the text would display properly or wrap properly etc.

So that's why I need a hacker for this project.

2013-11-08, 12:13
Does Lamune accept non-encrypted non-compressed files in the correct bytecode format? If so, I think I'll go post a test version.

2013-11-08, 12:28
Assuming I did it correctly, the answer is no.
I tried to put one of those files in the current directory, and I guess it opened it but it didn't like it because an error message popped up concerning the file.

2013-11-08, 13:08
I think I'll just prompt for one of the 6 known keys and see if that works.

2013-11-09, 08:52
Yeah, putting the output file in the game directory gives this error message
CTaskAdv::OnInit -> シナリオの読み込みに失敗しました [1 : 0nana.asb] [ 1 : 00000000]
(failure reading in scenario)

2013-11-09, 16:03
Hopefully this build WILL work. "data01.arc" uses the key 99E15CB4 (last key on the list), we'll see if that's the same key the game wants to see or not.

2013-11-10, 15:24
I think you got it.
I tried running it with "0nana.asb" in the game directory and was able to see the English text.
Great job!

Of course, I also found out now that there is no word-wrapping feature.
Can you do something about that?
If so, let me know via PM what files you need.

2013-11-10, 16:00
Looks like \n is the way to add line breaks.
When you put too many characters into the text box, do the characters wrap to the next line, or get drawn past the edge of the text box? If they wrap to the next line, how many characters fit in the text box before it wraps? Right now I'd guess 56 characters.

There aren't any times where the textbox gets wider or narrower, are there?

2013-11-10, 17:44
New build with word wrapping (defaults to 56, if that doesn't work, change it)

2013-11-11, 10:03
I set it to 54, now it's working great. Thanks!

I guess that pretty much finishes up the stuff required for an English patch.
There are a couple of other things I'd like to address eventually.

For example, it's nice that you can change the player character's name to whatever you want. Unfortunately, it only accepts input in kanji and the window is only 3 characters wide--all other characters are blocked--not very convenient for English players.
Is is theoretically possible to modify the program to accept alphabetic input and more characters?
Otherwise, I'll have to search and replace the player's name variable in the script files with a hardcoded alphabetic name.

2013-11-13, 07:52
It's probably possible to modify the program to accept a longer name using ASCII characters, but then you'd need to use the longest possible name for word wrapping. Personally, I just prefer using default names anyway, I don't need the characters to be saying my name.

2013-11-14, 09:05
OK. I'll think about it again when it gets close to the end of the project (if ever it gets that far)

2013-11-15, 10:13
Well I've got another problem now.
So far I hadn't come across any of the choices in the files at all.

I finally realized it today. Apparently the guy who made the script extractor had an oversight... he did not extract the stuff that goes in the choice dialog box.

I think I found one of the choices, though I have no way to edit it right now. send you an example of what I _think_ is the part of the file that contains a choice.

Actually I just confirmed that I did find the choice, by pasting the bytes directly into a hex editor and then loading it with WordPad.

I'll provide the details by PM.

2013-11-15, 17:19
Here's a new build, haven't tested it extensively or anything, but it should have the "choice" tag added, and has a fixer for adding the Choice command to TXT files.

It will not accept Japanese Line followed by English Line for "choice" commands, just replace all the text with English.

2013-11-16, 12:45
I tried changing one of the files, substituting English for the two choices.
When I ran it, the English text appeared and I thought everything was OK.

What's strange is what happened afterward.
After I made the choice, it did not jump to the scene I expected.
Instead, the same scene was repeated over and over...

2013-11-17, 08:55
I'll go take a look at this. I bet some of the unknown instructions are actually addresses or pointers or something.

Yep: right after a choice you can see that the 0000000B lines contain an address to jump to.
edit: also 0A and 0C.

2013-11-17, 12:00
Okay, here we go!

Command 0A is now "if", 0B is now "ifnotchoice", and 0C is now "if2", they all now use labels instead of hex literals. Use the fix choices command to convert the commands.

Also took out the Line Break removal feature after splitting a line, this game doesn't need anything like that.

I also fixed a ton of bugs, for example the first word of every command was being changed to 0, that's fixed.